Welcome to the Midnight Club, the Hotel California for Teenage


It was another day in my daily life when I stumbled into the Midnight Club. Being a horror and mystery fan myself, I couldn't resist checking the series out. Especially since it's from Mike Flannagan, the same person behind Midnight Mass and The Haunting of Bly Manor.

Since I love his other works, I checked out Midnight Club on Netflix without further hesitation. And surely it didn't disappoint. Thankfully, my Internet provider helps me to watch all episodes without a hitch. I could complete all ten episodes without waiting to buffer or any unintended pause midway. Good internet service ensures good entertainment.

The Midnight Club's Plot and Storyline

It was 1990, in a hospice for terminally-ill kids. They didn't have anything fun to spend their days with except for a series of tests and treatments. Don't expect any high-tech since they don't even have any smartphones. The hospice also doesn't have an internet provider.

Anyhow, these kids sneaked out at night and made a pact. Whoever died first will have to communicate with the ones who are still alive to tell them about the afterlife.


Of course, you can expect some of Flanagan's signature twists like in his previous works. Fans who have enjoyed his other works understand that he's a master at evoking fear without having to visualize them much.

Will there be a season 2?

Even though it's still one of the latest releases on Netflix, Midnight Club has gained a lot of fans and followers. And there were talks about the series' renewal. 

Unfortunately, both Netflix nor Flanagan didn't say much about season 2 shortly. However, Flanagan mentioned that he wanted to build a series revolving around Midnight as the red line. Maybe something like the American Horror Story series. 

Let's hope that Netflix will greenlight his future ideas. The cast for Midnight Club and his other works are eager to work with him again.

Anyway, while waiting for season 2 of Midnight Club, you can binge-watch his other works on Netflix. It's one of the things I do in my daily life. Therefore, I turn to the best Internet provider to give me my Netflix and chill binge.

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